IoT Shaman

Open Source Projects

Shaman Factory


Build high quality websites with minimal effort. Just start designing!

Project - Shaman Factory

Shaman Website Compiler


Generate website scaffolding in seconds. Compile to output with the CLI or compile to Express JS routes with Node JS. Built with SEO in mind.

Project - Shaman Website Compiler

MySQL Shaman


Access MySql databases in Node JS using a simple, familiar ORM syntax. Includes a CLI tool that allows developers to quickly build, scaffold and populate MySQL databases.

Project - MySQL Shaman

Json File Repository


In-memory data repository for node js that persists data to a Json file, anywhere on the host device.

Project - Json File Repository

Json Configuration Loader


JSON Configuration File Loader for Node Js Applications. Includes an application secret loader, simply pass in a secret mapping and a value store (environment variables, for example).

Project - Json Configuration Loader

Node Json File Tree


Node Js module to generate a tree structure representation of a folder structure / file system.

Project - Node Json File Tree

Ultimate Node Website


A Node JS website template, built with SEO in mind. Get your website up and running in minutes, guaranteed fast response times and high base-line SEO scores.

Project - Ultimate Node Website